* - £60.00 minimum fitting charge is applicable to customers in our immediate local area only, whilst we always make every effort to keep our labour costs as low as possible, we reserve the right to add a fuel surcharge to our quotes if we feel that the distance for us to travel warrants it. Any surcharges applied for any reason would always be included and displayed in any quotation we provided. 

Please note that the sample images posted on this website are for illustration purposes only. Please be aware that carpet colours vary from batch to batch and the finished product may vary slightly from any samples or images provided. 

pricing examples

Average Bedroom-2.75 x 3.66 (9'0 x 12'0)

Cut size required= 2.75 x 4.00 (11m2)

Carpet price per m2 = £9.99

Fitting labour @ £4.00+VAT m2* or £60.00 minimum charge* (whichever is greater)

Materials = £109.89 inc vat

Fitting Labour = £60.00 (minimum charge*)

Professional check measure = FREE

Total = £169.89 inc vat

(Add underlay to this example from only £43.89)

Average Living Room - 4.60 x 3.66 (15'0 x 12'0)

Cut Size Required = 4.60 x 4.00 (18.4m2)

Carpet price per m2 = £9.99

Fitting Labour @ £4.00+VAT m2*

Materials = £183.82 inc vat

Fitting Labour = £88.32

Professional check measure = FREE

Total = £272.14 inc vat

(Add underlay to this example from only £73.42)

Only £9.99 per m2...

Only £9.99 per m2...

Only £9.99 per m2...

Only £9.99 per m2...

Only £9.99 per m2...

Only £9.99 per m2...

Only £9.99 per m2...

Only £9.99 per m2...


Don't Forget Your underlay!

Although not all carpets, strictly speaking, require underlay, (see our carpets labelled 'felt back') adding an underlay will greatly improve both heat and sound insulation AND transform the feel of your carpet whilst helping to prolong the life of the carpet for far longer!

Check out our great range of fantastic underlays starting from only £3.99 m2!! .



£3.99 m2




£4.99 m2



£4.99 m2

cLOUD 9 cUMULUS 11mm


£6.99 m2

Product Information

The Burbage range is a beautiful 'textured' carpet and part of the naturals family. With a matching colour bank to our Derwent range but with a different loop style, Its a great choice for those looking for a more interesting texture and appearance of their floor. Hardwearing and easy to clean its a lot of carpet for the price and an attractive choice that boasts practicality in spades.

Look below for some price examples of this range based upon some average room sizes.

You might be surprised how affordable a beautiful new carpet professionally fitted might be....


Construction : 100% Polypropylene Loop Pile 

Carpet Backing : Felt Back - Suitable for fitting with or without underlay

Rating : General-Heavy Domestic 

Available widths : 4.00 metre 

Suitable for the following areas :



Mixed Spice

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Fired Clay


Burnt Amber