Coir Herringbone

Coir Panama 

Coir Anjengo


Think of a fresh coconut lying on a beach in Kerala, southern India and imagine bringing this inside your home with on of our coir floor coverings. Coconut husk provides the short brown fibres for the tough yarn that is then soaked, spun and lastly woven into an exciting range for that real outdoors feeling under your feet!

Choose coir for your harder working areas and enjoy its low maintenance costs and perfectly rustic charm. Our coconut mating is also a perfect way to protect your floors from unwanted dirt, they can be loose laid or fitted into an entrance matwell.

Seagrass Herringbone Weave

Seagrass Basket Weave 

Seagrass Fine Weave


The pale green and yellow hues of seagrass are a natural reflection of the Vietnamese landscape where it is grown and harvested. After reaching China it is first spun and then woven into the most natural flooring we offer. With a thin latex backing, seagrass will live and breathe in your home, ageing beautifully as its colour tone changes throughout its life.

For even more freshness choose one of our fine seagrass products, the fibres of which are harvested when the plant is much younger providing a more intense green colour and a vivid way to bring the outside into your living space.


Practical and durable, sisal gives you plenty of exciting ways to create a new look for your living space. Its natural fibres readily take on vegetable dyes, offering you beautiful colour blends or solid tones which you can use to plan your new decorating scheme.

Grown in Africa and South America, sisal yarns then travel to China to be made into these creative floor coverings so you really will be bringing a piece of the world into your home.

Dare to be different and this hardwearing choice will reward you with its anti-static qualities and low maintenance costs.

Natural Floor Coverings - A Quick Guide

Sisal Tiger's Eye Copper

Sisal Tiger's Eye Amber.

Sisal Tiger's Eye Sis

Welcome to More Flooring's Range of beautiful natural floor coverings

Take a look below to see some of our fantastic range of stunning natural floor coverings.

Many of our ranges comes in a wide variety of colours to suit any interior style and our range of natural floor coverings has been specifically chosen to allow you to experience the wonders of the varied textures available making YOUR floor areas a feature of which you can be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

See below for a guide to what is available and to experience our full range pop into our Ludlow showroom in Coronation Avenue, Ludlow. Your sure to be in for a treat!

Why choose a natural floor covering?

The hills of New Zealand, the beaches of India, the forests of Asia and the Deserts of Africa and South America....

These are just some of the places where the story of these beautiful natural floor coverings begin.

Subtle shades and rich tones have been sourced from the finest producers across the globe. Their natural surroundings provide the inspiration for the traditional and modern designs that will bring unique character and richness into your home.

The exciting textures of grass, jute, coir and sisal within our ranges reflects the variety and beauty of the world brought straight into your home.

Based in Ludlow, Shropshire we supply and fit all types of flooring to suit any style or budget......"Get more from your floor....with More Flooring.."​