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From £19.99 per m2

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Only £24.99 per m2

From £24.99 per m2

Don't Forget Your underlay!

Although not all carpets, strictly speaking, require underlay, (see our carpets labelled 'felt back') adding an underlay will greatly improve both heat and sound insulation AND transform the look and feel of your carpet whilst helping to keep it looking and lasting far longer!

Check out our great range of fantastic underlays starting from only £4.99 m2!! .




£4.99 m2




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£8.99 m2

Welcome to Moor Flooring's Range of beautiful wool carpets

Take a look below to see just some of our fantastic range of traditional and beautiful wool mix carpets

Each range comes in a wide variety of colours to suit any interior style and our range of carpets has been specifically selected to represent one of the best ranges available. If we wouldn't have it in our own homes, we wont sell it to anyone else meaning you can have a fantastic new floor that we're confident you will be proud of and enjoy for years to come.

Click on each range to see the full choice of colours.

Choosing Carpet

Carpet is a luxurious, comfortable flooring which is a great choice for any home. Its real beauty lies in its versatility - it is suitable for virtually every room in the house, is available in almost any colour under the sun and provides a warm, tactile surface to walk, sit or play on. It absorbs more sound than many other types of flooring, and reduces heat loss more effectively.

which room?

When choosing a new carpet, it's important to think about where it's going to be used and what type of footfall it will have to cope with.

Bedroom carpet, for example, will not see as much traffic as a hallway or landing and stairs so you could choose a less hard wearing carpet here. Alternatively you could choose to splash out and have a luxurious and expensive carpet in the knowledge that it will retain its good looks for a long time.

Gloucester Plain

Cheltenham Stripe

Gloucester Stripes

Shetland Twist


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Cottage Berber

Rustic Retreat